segunda-feira, 8 de junho de 2015

First post from Brazil ...

Hey everybody!

I'm so sorry ... I made this post as soon as I was back to Brazil but I didn't have time to post it.
I'm here now, so enjoy this post!

I'm back! Yeah baby, I'm back to Brazil. Can you believe it? Because I can't.
My last days in USA was totally messy. I didn't work so well, actually I didn't work in my last 2 weeks there because my host mother wanted to try to take care of my kids by herself, she asked me to help her to organize the house for her and I did it!

My last weekend there was so sad, I cried a lot with all my friends. My friend Barbara made a cake for me and it was so delicious.
On Saturday we went to a club in NY - LAVO, the best club ever! I loved it.

On Sunday we had lunch together at my favorite place there: IHOP.
I didn't have any dinner or bye party from my host family but they gave me a gift and a beautiful card it was so cute. I already miss them!

My flight was on Tuesday at 7:30 pm from JFK in NY, my host dad gave me a ride till there and left me there at 11:00 am. I spent all my day at airport waiting and waiting ...

On Wednesday I landed in Brazil at 6:30 am and all my family and friends was there waiting for me. So cute !! They were wearing a t-shirt with pictures and sentences about me.
And after all greetings we went to a bakery have a breakfast, so delicious! At night I spent with my dad and my grandma, she cooked a dinner for me.

On Thrusday I spent all my day at home with my sibilings and organizing my room.

On Saturday I had a big surprise, all my family and my friends made a welcome party for me. With lunch (Feijoada - food from Brazil). It was amazing! And at night I went to a club with my friends.

Video in portuguese! Enjoy it.

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